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2022, Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part B

A critical analysis of the performance of farm based agri-input entrepreneurs in the central Telangana region

B Srishailam, B Jirli and Keesam Manasa

In a situation when farmers’ suicide and distress sell still remain the key issues in India’s Agricultural scenario, we are dreaming of achieving a double income for the farming community. This gap in the income level of farmers can only be bridged by adopting newer income generating opportunities like establishing Farm based enterprises. Farm based enterprises are the vehicles for transforming rural India, these enterprises are maintained by the agripreneurs this is the people enthusiastically establishing units in agriculture, especially in rural areas. The main aim of my research is to know about the performance of farm based agri input entrepreneurs and their impact on rural people, especially on farmers of the area. The research investigation was conducted in the Central Telangana region of Sanga Reddy district it consists of three revenue divisions namely Zahirabad, Narayanakhed and Sanga Reddy. From each revenue division, nine blocks were selected purposively using a simple random sampling method thus making up a total of 27 blocks. From out of 27 Blocks each block 7-8 respondents were interviewed and collected data with the help of a specially designed interview schedule constituting a total of 200 farm based agri-input entrepreneurs. The main aim of the research is to know the profile of agri-input based Agripreneurs and their role performance in already established farm based agri-input enterprises. The exploratory research design was used for the study. Most of the agri-preneurs (i.e. 80.00 percent) perform only sales and very low percent (i.e. 20.00%) input dealers perform agro-advisory services that specifically for large and medium farmers. 83.00 percent of the respondents had medium level of extent of performance of farm-based enterprises, followed by an equal percentage (8.5%) of respondents who had low and high levels (8.5%) of role performance of farm-based agri-input enterprises respectively.
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International Journal of Research in Agronomy
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B Srishailam, B Jirli, Keesam Manasa. A critical analysis of the performance of farm based agri-input entrepreneurs in the central Telangana region. Int J Res Agron 2022;5(2):109-112. DOI: 10.33545/2618060X.2022.v5.i2b.119
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