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2021, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

Evaluation of some barley genotypes under saline soil conditions

Rania F El-Mantawy, EEEL-Shawy, Mohamed Mansour and Heba A Gomaa

This study examined ten barley genotypes under both normal and saline soil environments at Sakha Agricultural Research Station, during two growing seasons 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. A randomized complete block design with four replications were used for each experiment. Some traits were recorded i.e. days to maturity, plant height (cm), spike length (cm), number of spikes m-2, number of grains spike-1, grain yield (t ha-1), biological yield (t ha-1), chlorophyll, K, Na content and K/ Na ratio. Analysis of variance for years, locations, genotypes and interaction were significant and highly significant for all studied traits. Results revealed that, the evaluated genotypes reveled a wide variation in salinity sensitivity. Line-1 and Line-6 gave the most desirable values of yield and related traits as well as physiological parameters under studied environments in both seasons, so we can recommend those genotypes under salinity conditions.
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International Journal of Research in Agronomy
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Rania F El-Mantawy, EEEL-Shawy, Mohamed Mansour, Heba A Gomaa. Evaluation of some barley genotypes under saline soil conditions. Int J Res Agron 2021;4(1):122-130. DOI: 10.33545/2618060X.2021.v4.i1a.170
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