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2019, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Review on effects of plant densities and nitrogen fertilization on sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Yield and yield components

Taminaw Zewdie and Nuru Seid Tehulie

Sesame is the most ancient oil seed used by man and it is considered as one of the most important oil crop. Sesame is an erect annual plant of numerous types and varieties two basic sesame types are usually distinguished; long-season, occasionally treated as perennials. Seeds are rich source of edible oil (48-55%) and protein (20-28%). The optimum soil condiotion for sesame is well-drained, loose, fertile and sandy alluvial soils that have a pH value between 5.4 and 6.7. This review is required to review the effects of plant density and nitrogen fertilization on yield and yield components of sesame. Nitrogen is the most important essential nutrient in plant nutrition. When rate of nitrogen fertilizer increased, yield and yield components of sesame also increased in some extent except oil contents. Oil contents of crops are decreased when nitrogen rate is increased. Maximum yield of sesame is achieved from the best spatial arrangement of plants for effective canopy development, water and nutrient utilization and pest control increasing plant density by decreasing planting distance b/n plants increased plant height, height of the first fruiting branch. These results are due to higher competition among plants for light and results the elongation of internodes. Decreasing plant population by increasing distance b/n plants increased number of branches, capsules/plant, 1000-seed weight and seed weight/plant. Increasing plant population density decreases seed yield and oil content of seed per plants and increases seed yield and oil yield/ha, due to the greater number of sesame plants per unit area.
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International Journal of Research in Agronomy
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Taminaw Zewdie, Nuru Seid Tehulie. Review on effects of plant densities and nitrogen fertilization on sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Yield and yield components. Int J Res Agron 2019;2(1):42-47. DOI: 10.33545/2618060X.2019.v2.i1a.66
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